3 - ₍₍◞( ˙ ꒳ ˙ )◟₎₎♪ LIZ LISA special haul ♪⁽⁽◝( ˙ ꒳ ˙ )◜⁾⁾


(๑'˘'๑)♡ LIZ LISA special op dresses (´ ˘ `๑)

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Hi there ! (੭*ˊᵕˋ)੭* ੈ✩ Sorry to be late (*˘-ω-˘*) I wanted to post this article once I will get all the items I wanted to show you (๑•̀╰╯•́)و.。.:*✧ Here is my special Liz Lisa review post ! ( *´﹀` *) Why special? (❛ ֊ ❛„) Well, actually these items are pretty hard to get since they are now all sold out..In addition I really like them and I was searching them so hard on the net..and tataaaa here they are !! \( ˙▽˙ )/  Here is my review (ノ≧▽≦)ノ And you which piece will be your favorite? ( v^-゜)♪

Summer collection 2015

This dress is born from the collaboration of one the AKB member and Liz Lisa. I must confess I don't like at all the AKB, but that's not the reason why I decided to buy it (even if I bought it two months after its release date in July). The pink version was way more popular than the navy one even if I think they are both cute. (☆ ▽ ☆) I really love the collar of this dress which reminds me the sailor collars (´▽`)♪ 

スリープフラー リズリサ
Autumn collection 2015

The dress design is inspired of the disney movie : sleeping beauty. When you look at the dress in all its details, you can easily recognize it (’-’*)♪ This dress also exists in brown and pink but I think it is not as easy as the navy one to distinguish the pattern with these two colors. That's why I decided to get the navy one ! This dress is quite popular and came sold out pretty fast ! (there are also auctions on Yahoo japan for this dress around 11,500 yens, that's crazy!) (゜ロ゜). This dress has so many beautiful details, I really like it. I hope I could keep it for a long time ! Definitely one of my favorite item for the coming fall season. (ノ≧▽≦)ノ

 アイカラー シャーベット & ビッグフラワーブレス

I did not expected to buy any bracelet until I saw a really good deal on Tokyo Kawaii Life few days ago : buy 2 and get 20 more ! Actually as I bought the boots, the bracelet at the end was almost !! It was the opportunity to get a bracelet from the brand. In addition, I found the eye shadow on Yahoo auction for only 500 yens (´ ˘ `๑). I am pretty lucky because Liz Lisa stopped to sell any make up items since last december. But I promised myself to do my best to find another pink blush and a pink gloss from the brand. It sounds really hard, I did not found any until now (∞*・3・*)


spring collection 2015 

I hesited a looooot before buying these shoes. Actually they were pretty cheap and in addition free shipping option was available. Actually my size in Japan is 24,5 (FR 39), which often means L or LL. I never tried any Liz Lisa pumps so I don't know if it would fit me but when I was in Japan I tried many snicker/basket shoes from the brand. Actually it was wayyyy too small. That's why I was hesiting a lot before buying any Liz Lisa shoes. However as I already have two pairs of boots from Liz Lisa, I thought there is no reason these boots will not fit me and.......They actually fit me so perfectly !! (*゚▽゚*) They are so comfy I definitely recommend this item !! If you can still find them since they are now sold out on TOKYO KAWAII LIFE official Liz Lisa webstore  (*˘-ω-˘*) I firstly convinced myself I would buy the brown boots but they went sold out before I get time to buy them. At that moment, only one pair of the pink ones were remaining so I thought it was now or never. Actually they look like beige on the webstore but they are more pinkish, I would say a light pink beige. I think I made the best choice, it will be really easy to match them with any Liz Lisa dress, yeah ヽ(*´∀`)ノ♪

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2 - ₍₍◞( ˙ ꒳ ˙ )◟₎₎♪ Liz Lisa big haul ♪⁽⁽◝( ˙ ꒳ ˙ )◜⁾⁾

(^ - ^)人(^ - ^) LIZ LISA september haul review (⊹^◡^)ノo.♡゚。*

(All pictures: Emilie blog copyright ©) 

Here a brief review of the haul I received this month ꒰⑅•ᴗ•。꒱. There are many items from old collections. I really love collecting rare and old items from LIZ LISA brand. As you can see most items are mostly summer items (∩。・ω・。)⊃━♡°.*・。. I think I should definitely buy warmer items from now since my closet is full of spring and summer items (*/∀\*). But since I really love spring and summer season, I also really love wearing such colourful clothes ((´∀ノ`*). I mean autumn items often look darker(○゚ε゚○). In this list, there are many items I was looking for since so long... (∞*・3・*) Due to their success, it was pretty hard to find them (*゚▽゚*). I was often looking at Yahoo auction wishing I could find one and even more get one for cheap or at least not so expensive ♡. Better late than never, waiting was the best deal I guess (・ω・)ノ.

From summer collection 2014

I was looking for this dress for so long. I wanted it in white, even if I already have the same skirt in white that I bought in the LIZ LISA shibuya store in Tokyo in June 2014. Due to its success, this dress is pretty hard to find and I can easily understand why. I am really in love with the sailor colar and its tie ribbon. The mermaid pattern is so cute and the rainbow colors are so beautiful. Definitely one of my favorite LIZ LISA pieces 。..。.:*・'(*゚▽゚*)'・*:.。. .。.:*・

From summer collection 2014

I did not received this skirt in my haul. But I wanted to post some photos since I just received the dress which has the same mermaid pattern. I really like both and even if it is getting colder, I could still wear it with a warm sweater ! This sirk is definitely a must have !

Himawari blue set
From summer collection 2015

I firstly wanted to buy the blue sunflower pattern dress but I got the opportunity to buy the blue sunflower set. I really love the blue sailor collar. I did not find the opportunity to wear it yet but I really like this set. Unfortunately summer is ending soon. I hope to wear it soon. Days in France are still hot even during september, let's try to wear it !

LIZ LISA x MY MELODY jumper skirt vol 2.
From spring collection 2015

I firstly did not loved this jumper skirt at all and thought it was pretty pale. But well finally decided myself to buy it. I have no regrets this skirt is so confortable and stretchy. I definitely like it and it is really easy to wear everyday : with a shirt, a sweater, I use to wear it with a jean jacket. I definitely recommend this item. I also bought the same top pattern. I got the opportunity to get it whereas it was sold out everywhere. (*゚▽゚*)

From spring collection 2015

I was so in love with the pattern of this dress but it was sold out so fast. Then Liz Lisa made a big fair : two dress for 7,000 yens (yeah that's crazy when you know that one dress usually costs around 9,900 yens). This dress was available again ;-; Lucky !

From spring collection 2015

This top, as french, I was not sure it was a good idea to buy it. I mean it would definitely look like a stereotype : a french girl wearing Eiffel tower pattern, does not it? But well after all why not ! This top is just so cute I can't stop myself (*/∀\*)

From winter collection 2013

First I was not sure I would love this dress but I must say I really like it now. This dress is perfect for fall season. I thought the shade of pink would be quite pale. After a long time of hesitation, I am happy I have bought this dress. No regrets ! ((´∀ノ`*)

From collection 2013

I am not sure about this dress but I know it is from a collaboration with my melody. I saw the my melody mascot wearing this dress in the Liz Lisa my melody magazine few months ago. This dress also come in blue. I really like the pattern of this dress and I also have a top in white with the same pattern but I am not sure it is from the collaboration ꒰⑅•ᴗ•。꒱.

From collection 2013

This two items are from the summer 2013 collection. When I see this dress I definitely convice myself that LIZ LISA is making every year items that look pretty much the same. Indeed this year the brand also made a pretty much similar dress : 2014 summer dress and 2015 summer dress. They totally look similar don't they? (○゚ε゚○)

From spring collection 2014

This jumper skirt was available in three colours : blue, pink and white. I must say I did not really liked the pink colour, reason that explain my choice was to buy the white one. When I received it I did not expect the color to be even more beautiful. It is definitely one of my favorite Liz Lisa pieces. I know I have so many favorite pieces (∞*・3・*)

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