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(๑'˘'๑)♡ LIZ LISA special op dresses (´ ˘ `๑)

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Hi there ! (੭*ˊᵕˋ)੭* ੈ✩ Sorry to be late (*˘-ω-˘*) I wanted to post this article once I will get all the items I wanted to show you (๑•̀╰╯•́)و.。.:*✧ Here is my special Liz Lisa review post ! ( *´﹀` *) Why special? (❛ ֊ ❛„) Well, actually these items are pretty hard to get since they are now all sold out..In addition I really like them and I was searching them so hard on the net..and tataaaa here they are !! \( ˙▽˙ )/  Here is my review (ノ≧▽≦)ノ And you which piece will be your favorite? ( v^-゜)♪

Summer collection 2015

This dress is born from the collaboration of one the AKB member and Liz Lisa. I must confess I don't like at all the AKB, but that's not the reason why I decided to buy it (even if I bought it two months after its release date in July). The pink version was way more popular than the navy one even if I think they are both cute. (☆ ▽ ☆) I really love the collar of this dress which reminds me the sailor collars (´▽`)♪ 

スリープフラー リズリサ
Autumn collection 2015

The dress design is inspired of the disney movie : sleeping beauty. When you look at the dress in all its details, you can easily recognize it (’-’*)♪ This dress also exists in brown and pink but I think it is not as easy as the navy one to distinguish the pattern with these two colors. That's why I decided to get the navy one ! This dress is quite popular and came sold out pretty fast ! (there are also auctions on Yahoo japan for this dress around 11,500 yens, that's crazy!) (゜ロ゜). This dress has so many beautiful details, I really like it. I hope I could keep it for a long time ! Definitely one of my favorite item for the coming fall season. (ノ≧▽≦)ノ

 アイカラー シャーベット & ビッグフラワーブレス

I did not expected to buy any bracelet until I saw a really good deal on Tokyo Kawaii Life few days ago : buy 2 and get 20 more ! Actually as I bought the boots, the bracelet at the end was almost !! It was the opportunity to get a bracelet from the brand. In addition, I found the eye shadow on Yahoo auction for only 500 yens (´ ˘ `๑). I am pretty lucky because Liz Lisa stopped to sell any make up items since last december. But I promised myself to do my best to find another pink blush and a pink gloss from the brand. It sounds really hard, I did not found any until now (∞*・3・*)


spring collection 2015 

I hesited a looooot before buying these shoes. Actually they were pretty cheap and in addition free shipping option was available. Actually my size in Japan is 24,5 (FR 39), which often means L or LL. I never tried any Liz Lisa pumps so I don't know if it would fit me but when I was in Japan I tried many snicker/basket shoes from the brand. Actually it was wayyyy too small. That's why I was hesiting a lot before buying any Liz Lisa shoes. However as I already have two pairs of boots from Liz Lisa, I thought there is no reason these boots will not fit me and.......They actually fit me so perfectly !! (*゚▽゚*) They are so comfy I definitely recommend this item !! If you can still find them since they are now sold out on TOKYO KAWAII LIFE official Liz Lisa webstore  (*˘-ω-˘*) I firstly convinced myself I would buy the brown boots but they went sold out before I get time to buy them. At that moment, only one pair of the pink ones were remaining so I thought it was now or never. Actually they look like beige on the webstore but they are more pinkish, I would say a light pink beige. I think I made the best choice, it will be really easy to match them with any Liz Lisa dress, yeah ヽ(*´∀`)ノ♪

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